FAQs about hiring service provider from Taskican.com marketplace

faq-with-mouseWhy booking through Taskican.com is better than booking through yellow pages, local search engines or from other service directory?

• Faster and easier to book any service provider through Taskican.com
• Taskican.com helps you to get better quality service provider.
• Compared to other local search engines where reviews can be from anybody who have not availed your service. With Taskican.com only customers who have availed the service can review and rate the service of the service provider.
• With Taskican.com you will get multiple bids from your local service provider.

Are there any fees for customers?

Taskican.com is free for customers. We never charge any fees to customers to avail service in our site, contact service providers or book their appointment online. Simply pay the service provider their fee after completion of the task.

What kind of tasks should I post in Taskican?

Taskican.com is a marketplace where you can post any kind of tasks whether you need a plumber for that leaky toilet, a painter for your living room walls, content writer or photographer for your wedding and lots more. Just post what you want Taskican team will find best service provider for you. However as we launch at this time, we tend to go with few categories of services because we think we will only provide the service in a category where we will be sure of providing the best service.

What if I can’t find what I’m looking for in any of the categories?

Tell us what you’re looking for either by mailing us at support@taskican.com or by calling us at +91 740681836 and we will do our best to match with qualified professional who can meet your need. If we are unable to match you with someone in the Taskican community, our team will help with additional research on the internet to find someone who can help. As long as your request meets our community standards, we’ll do our best to find you a professional.

 Where does Taskican operate?

Taskican has service provider located across Bangalore.

What if I do not like the service provided to me after the task?

We apologize for that. We try our best to ensure the quality of service providers. You can do 2 things – you can give your service provider a bad rating and review on the website and you can contact us at support@taskican.com with feedback.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch. Please call us at +91 740681836


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