How to Waterproof Wood?

In this rainy season take extra care to waterproof your front doors, basements,etc to make it mold free. If exposed to water these woods can cause to rot and for a small rot you need to replace the whole door or window. Waterproofing can increase the life of an old wood door or deck or window. For painted or varnished doors, windows you can improve moisture resistance by applying a new coat of paint or varnish. For natural wood cleaning the boards restores the natural wood color and allows the waterproofing to fully penetrate.

How to waterproof the wood?

The best way ensure that your door/window or anything which can expose to water do not expose to mold is waterproof on regular basis. Older wood can be water proof once in every 3-6 month while new wood materials needs to be waterproof as soon as possible. Also make sure clean the wood completely by removing any dirt, bugs or dust. While cleaning if you encounter any stains which you can not be able to remove it, then you might require a professional carpenter to help you out.

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