How to Keep Your Kitchen Clean?


Starting off with a clean kitchen is they key to keeping your kitchen clean while cooking. Pre-clean your counters and floors to create a clean and inviting atmosphere. Starting off with a clean kitchen will trick your mind into keeping it clean.

Dishes + Sweeping + Surfaces = Given

The list below assumes that you’ll be taking care of dishes, sweeping and giving things a quick wipe down every day anyway. These basic chores being done each and every day are essential to the plan (and your sanity) below. P.S. But give yourself a break when necessary; no one will know if you don’t sweep your floor every single day.


If you’re a mom and wife, multi-tasking is second nature. Take your skills into the kitchen and clean while you cook. Saute onions while cleaning out a mixing bowl and reuse it for the chicken. Just don’t forget to keep an eye out to avoid any burnt food. Use a cute kitchen timer to keep track of meal time.

Remove all non-kitchen items

It is always happen we leave our personal belonging or unwanted things in kitchen. Collect and put away any object belongs in some other room and throw away trash.

Remove items from walls

Dust the walls and remove cobwebs from corners. Wash the walls, if necessary. Wash the decorative items, if necessary.

Empty the trashcan and wash it out

For a very dirty trashcan, let it soak for a while to clean it easier. Before you put in a bag you can lay a paper towel sheet or a newspaper at the bottom and sprinkle with some baking soda to keep the

trashcan smelling fresher and to make it easier to clean in the future.

Last but not the least

For the most part, these extra chores can be done in addition to your regular dishes and surface cleaning. That said, some tasks will require more time than others. Remember some nights you’ll order in and dishes will be slim or you won’t eat at home at all. Those are the nights to tackle large things if you need to swap out a chore.

If you like a whole day off from kitchen cleaning, check out the list and see if there’s a few things you can do on the same day. If you have a large suburban or warehouse loft kitchen, this might be impractical, but if your kitchen is the size of a postage stamp, then there’s a good chance you could do a week’s worth of chores all together and knock them out.

Are you ready to apply these tips so you never have to freak out again? Since I’ve started using this method it has been nice to have company over and not worry whether they can see the pile of pet hair stuck against the air vent under my refrigerator, or whether they’ll spy the stay onion peel below my prep table. Things just take care of themselves — imagine that! We shall be taking about

“Five most important kitchen safety tips” but until then use these tips and make your kitchen clean.

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