How to get good house cleaning service provider?


Choosing good cleaning service provider is often confusing from the list of cleaning service provider available our there. It is very confusing to which cleaning service you will choose which that fits your budget and your requirement. The most important thing is to clearly communicate what exactly your requirement and which are the areas you required to be cleaned. Following tips will help you to choose the best cleaning service provider.

1) Decide what areas of your house you require cleaning?

A typical cleaning service provider includes cleaning of all kitchen, bathroom surfaces, living room and bedroom and cleaning of all flooring. Before you post your task at or speak with any service provider outline the areas you require cleaning, make a comprehensive list of how many room, bathroom, square footage of those areas. So that it will give you an idea to clearly define the requirement to the service provider. Also decide on the type of product you require for cleaning your house.

2) Decide your budget?

Hiring a house cleaning service provider obviously constrained by your budget. Determine how much you can budget, because the budget will vary depends on how often you need cleaning or how many rooms.

3) Get multiple quotes from different service providers?

Once you have decided your requirement for cleaning services and the budget its time to get multiple quotes from at least 3 verified service providers. A good cleaner can give you quote through phone without wasting your time to visit the home to inspect it. After getting quotes go through their experiences, licensees if any, their ratings and review to select the best service provider within your budget and requirement.

4) Evaluate a house cleaner:

Evaluate each house cleaners to notice whether the house cleaner has characteristics of a professional. A professional house cleaner will portray a responsible and respectful  pitch as you converse and speak. Although you might feel tempted to try a house cleaner without extensive experience, thinking you can save money, this is not always worth the risk. A less experienced house cleaner may not have the skills and tools necessary to provide high-quality work.

5) How to know which is correct bid:

Once you receive these bids, compare them carefully to find the house cleaner’s bid that fits your needs and budget most precisely.the perfect bid should include details such as the time spent on cleaning,the products which will be used,exact responsibility of house cleaner,which tools will be used,etc.In correct bids will not have proper information.Remember, the lowest bid isn’t always the best bid. It may be wiser to accept a bid with a more moderate price.

6) Communicate if you have any special considerations?

Communicate if any special considerations such as if you pets at home, if any of your family members have allergies to certain products or smell, if you want to clean other areas such as windows,roof,etc make sure you communicate these in advance to the cleaning service provider to avoid unnecessary alarm.

6) Preparing the house to be cleaned?

While you are waiting for house cleaner, prepare your house by moving any furniture, electrical equipment to a safer place.If the workers have to move all furniture,it can prevent them from effectively performing duties on schedule or they might charge an extra fee for those work.

Choosing to find verified and quality service providers will help you to save time and money. Once you submit task request, you will receive a complete list of service providers with their quotes. Choose the service provider which fits your requirement and budget. You can pay the service provider after you are satisfied with the service. Even provides satisfaction guarantee.

Do not waste time on searching or calling to dozens of service provider from yellow pages or local search engines. Find quality and verified service providers within your budget.

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  • Eliminate any service provider who does not give guarantee satisfaction.
  • Make sure you ask service provider if the if the cleaner are background checked.
  • Make sure the service provider give you approximate quote over the phone instead of wasting your time by visiting and after that quote.
  • Choose a company that offers per day charges instead of per hour basis.
  • Avoid the cheapest price instead check their ratings and reviews to determine which service provider to go with.

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  1. Communication with your cleaning service is very important. When the expectations are clear everyone can get what they want out of the arrangement.

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