What to do before painting a wall?

Preparing a room before you start painting is the most important step before you even start painting. The actual painting of the walls takes less time and is not as important as the prep of walls for paint Also for a large paint job hiring the professional painter is a good option.

 Clear out the room:

The first step to prepare your walls to before painting is to clear out all movable furniture such as sofas, TV, etc.cover the large furniture’s with clothes to protect against splatter of paint. Removing these furniture’s will help you to paint your walls easier.

Clean the room and repair the wall:

Remove any dust from the floor and make sure repair any holes,peeling,cracks, on the wall before starting painting the wall.fill any nail holes,dents and allow it to dry for 2-4 hours and then second coat if required.also clean the wall that need to be painted and the surfaces of kitchen and bathrooms.

Taping and Masking:

Once your walls are clean, the next step to prepare walls before painting is to mask off any areas you don’t want painted.Mask light switches,windows,wood trim and other areas you are not painting. It is better to mask the room completely before painting as opposed to just doing one wall, then the next. Leave the masking tape on the walls after you have painted, and wait for the paint to dry before removing it.

Paint priming:

If you are merely refreshing your paint with the same color and type of paint, you do not need to apply a primer to the whole surface. If you have made small repairs, just spot prime the repairs before painting.

However, if you have made large repairs, it has been a long time since your last paint job, you are switching colors or type of paint or are painting bare surfaces, such as drywall, your paint job will turn out much better by applying a paint primer before painting.Paint primers mainly will help you ave money on paint including it even out repairs and defects if any.

Once you have followed the five steps to prepare your walls before painting, you are ready to paint! Although prepping your walls for paint can seem like a lot of work, the end result of a great paint job is worth the effort.

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