Which one to hire Interior Designer or Interior Decorator?


Whether you should hire an interior designer or interior decor,often we confuse with which one to go with.Both have different skill set and their requirements are different.So below are some of the tips which will help you to decide which one to go with.

Interior designer vs Interior decor:

Interior designers are the one who have done their formal education to study about interior designing,they can able to read,understand and do architecture designs and drawings.they often work with architecture and carpenters to complete the interior designing projects.

On the other hand interior decor people deal with lighting,paint and fabrics to change the look of an interior room.Interior decor know very well how to change the tone of a room using decorative things.

So which one you should hire for your project?

If you have large projects which includes structural changes of the building or home  interior designer will be best fit your project.They can assist for all necessary designing needs.And if necessary he can coordinate with interior decor to complete the projects for decorating elements.Before hiring any interior designer look for their proven track record and portfolio of their past projects.Never select any interior designer based on the whether its expensive or cheap.Always judge them based on their portfolio and n you like their portfolio and you found the design that you are looking for then you found the right professional.

While Interior decor are best suit for small projects and if you are planning to decor your room with lights  and fabrics.If you are looking for to spice your home interior then interior decor is best for your project. When looking for any interior décor check for their portfolio and track record.

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11 thoughts on “Which one to hire Interior Designer or Interior Decorator?

  1. There is actually no difference both are good on there profiles.

    • Ya Suhdhir,you are right.Actually there is no difference.But as a customer we confuse which one to go with.And we tend to think that all interior designers will charge high.

  2. nice post on interior designs it is helpful to the people who love interior designs.

  3. its very amazing blog…

  4. Right before selecting an inside decorator it really is clever to examine their portfolio. This is certainly accomplished largely to determine their potential and for that their former do the job and remarks from shoppers need to even be checked.
    The entire credit history rating of creating the home energetic and comfortable to are in goes to The within decorator. They understand the psychology of colours and develop to Way of living the dull and dreary properties. An expert interior designer will handle Every single insignificant depth when he undertakes any job.

  5. Thanks Arthur for the comment.you have made a awesome point.

    Do let us know if you would like to write blog on interior designing.

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