How to reduce air conditioning costs ?


At home air conditioner consume more electricity than anything else.And with the cost of energy continuing day by day,energy bill from air conditioner will make a hole in your wallet.So how to fix this problem?It is not about using less air condition or using small air conditioner but using it in a right way. This article will help you to get some tips how you can save money on your air condition bill?

Use right size air conditioner for your home:

The first and foremost thing to reduce air condition cost is to determine watt size of air condition your home requires. Using large air conditioner for small room or smaller air conditioner for larger room you are not getting the desired cooling for your room. Determine the cooling capacity needed for the room or your home. Cooling capacity for room air conditioners and central air conditioning systems is measured in kilowatts. As a rule of thumb, 1 square meter of living space can be cooled adequately by 0.125 kW of energy. Multiply this figure by the actual size (in square meters) of the areas to be cooled, and you will arrive at the required air conditioner capacity. For example take a room measuring 5 meters in length and 10 meters in breadth. Its overall area is 50 square meters, so it needs a minimum air conditioner capacity of 50 x 0.125 for efficient cooling, so you need a 6 KW air conditioner for your room. Most air conditioner comes in the size of 5 KW to 15 KW,for larger air conditioner it’s used in larger homes and for air conditioner less than 5 KW it’s used in smaller rooms or apartment. Always buy air conditioner that is higher energy rating.

Put your AC to sleep at night:

If you live in an area where temperature drops at night, switch to ceiling fans when you go to bed. These fans use roughly 10% of power.

Regular maintenance:

Once you pick out your air conditioner, you need to perform regular maintenance on it. Change and clean the filters, and make sure the whole unit is sparkling clean. Doing this will ensure that the air conditioner will perform at peak efficiency. Even a small amount of dust on your filter will force the fan to work overtime, so change it every month or two to keep it dust free to save money on maintenance. Consider replacing older air conditioners with more energy-efficient models. Most air conditioner runs for 10-15 years with regular use. And also air conditioners available today  typically use 30 – 50 percent less energy than the older ones, so investing in  new air conditioner with higher energy ratings could save some money.

 Color of the house and some other methods to cool your house:

Most households ignore this, that color plays an important role in cooling your house. Use always lighter color for your exterior wall, the darker color always absorb more heat compared to lighter color.Also by planting shade trees in front of your house and putting solar screens on the windows can drastically improve the house temperature.

Hope this article will help you to save money on your air conditioner.

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