Questions to ask before hiring an Interior designer


If you are considering to hire interior designer for your project then this article will help you to select the right interior designer. Interior designer are known to best use of their skills using color,texture,accessories,etc can improve the look of a room.Before you consider hiring an interior designer you should find out the size of project,your budget,kind of interior designer.Before you go for a meeting with a interior designer have a list of all your questions and your own thoughts of designing the room ready.

So the next time you are planning to hire an interior designer for your home/commercial project consider the below points:

  • Experience and credentials:

Before going for a meeting with interior designer find out if the interior designer is licensed or sufficient experience in the field.Whether he learned from a professional institute or he learned interior designing on his own.Because out there you will find lots of people who have done carpentry work claim themselves as interior designer.Ask for their referrals,look at their portfolio,find out how many years of experience the person has. Check into the previous work of the designers that you are considering to hire and make sure that you like their portfolio.You should be able to tell that they are not only experienced and qualified, but also that you generally like their style and see it matching with yours.So A quality interior designer should be able to answer all your questions and put your mind at ease.

  •  Figure Out What You Want from a Designer

Before you start looking for an interior designer, you need to consider the scope of the renovation and the style that you are interested in for that space.Are you planning complete renovation of your house,do you want design only kitchen or you just want consultation?You should have a goal and some sort of vision in mind before you begin looking for a designer, both for designer and for your own benefit.

  • About Rates

There are different types of pricing when it comes to interior designing.Some may charge flat price per design, hourly rate,some may charge consultation fee.If an interior designer buying materials of their own to execute the design than they will charge services done by their carpenter.If incase you are considering to buy materials of their own then you have to pay only the charges for designing. The ‘per square foot’ method of charging is usually reserved only for new buildings. Also ask about any extra costs that might be incurred during the period of work.

  • Your involvement and duration of the project

If you are considering the execution you need to decide whether you are going to give full control to the designer or you want to involve extensive.People go either route, and whichever you prefer, you should ensure that your designer and you both are comfortable with that. Clear out the responsibility such as purchasing materials,hiring carpenter,painter,etc.Also how you can communicate with the designer about any changes or new requests,blueprints,etc.Clear out all these issues before hiring any interior designer.

Regardless of whether you construct a room or full house you should be concerned with how long you can expect your property to be under construction. If you do need it done by a certain time, hiring the interior designer who has the resources to accomplish it by your deadline may be useful for you.

  • Guarantees and Insurance

The perfect interior designer will be able to offer you guarantee of their estimate charges such as labor,material,their charges,etc.Also most reputed designer have insurance coverage of the project to cover any problems that might occur during the implementation of the project.

Designing a room is no easy task, which is why it is wise to hire a professional interior designer to guide you through it. Even then, you are putting a great deal of trust and money into someone whom you trust can change the look of your house/room.So if you find that you are comfortable in hiring that particular interior designer,it’s within your budget then go ahead and sign the contract. With due diligence, thoughtful consideration and knowing which questions to ask, you can make the hiring process as easy as possible on yourself.

Make sure you follow all these steps before hiring an interior designer and we are sure you will find the best one for your project.

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