5 Great Ideas of Home Interior Lighting

Koket-Love-Happens-monochromatic-interiors-01There aren’t many single factors in your household that can change your mood, Your health, the comfort of your home, the appearance of colours, and the feeling of a room with just one aesthetic- lighting. While most of us are trying to find the trendiest sofa to put into our living room or the best shade of blue to put into our home office, how you light your rooms with artificial light and how  much natural light pours into your home can make all the difference. If you are trying to find smart ways to enhance your home with light- here are 5 tips to get started with.

1. Design your home with wise window placement:

If you are in the process of designing your home or you at least have some flexibility in the placement of your furniture, remember these tips with light. Depending on where you live in the world and the orientation of your home will affect how the rising and setting sun affect you and your family. Consider your lifestyle – are you a morning riser and enjoy sun waking you or would you rather save the morning daylight for your main living areas. Think of these important window and furniture placement consideration when beckoning natural light into your home.

2. Glowing Stairs 

Put some lights on your stairs. It will look so great from lower level. It also leads people to another section of the house brilliantly. You can switch the colour every turn. For more distinctive look, try to use dramatic colour on the lights. You will enjoy stepping on it.

3. Lighting your Living Room

Light three of the four corners, focusing one of those lights on an object (art, a plant, a striking chair). Use a combination of table lamps and floor lamps, some with a downward glow and some that shine upward. Allow for reading in as many seats as possible with down glowing lamps on three-way switches.

4. Wall Mounted Lamps

This sounds common, but you can make the difference using unique shape of lamps. Do not place it to near to each other. Make distance and enjoy the dimming effect. It gives you warm and sophisticated look. Try different colours.

5. Use houseplants as an excuse to let in natural light 

Greenery and houseplants go hand-in-hand with healthy green living for humans and letting in natural sunlight into your home. Give yourself an excuse to have to open your window shades daily by using greenery around your home. Houseplants in a sunroom or growing in a kitchen garden can be perfect for growing herbs and small plants. Small terrariums grown on a side table or hanging in your bathroom are great for areas where you don’t have a lot of space. Either way plants give you an excuse to let in more light!


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2 thoughts on “5 Great Ideas of Home Interior Lighting

  1. Well, lighting has always been an important factor that enhances the appearance of a home. People should use any unique shape of lamps in order to give a perfect and attractive look to their home. I just loved your post.

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