Pros and Cons of Custom made wardrobe


When it comes wardrobe almost all of us think whether to go for custom-made wardrobe or ready-made that is cheaply available in the market. So what are the pros and cons of custom wardrobe vs ready-made wardrobe? Which one to go for? Which is cheaper? Which will last longer? You will get answer to all these when you finish reading this blog about pros and cons of custom-made wardrobe.


1) Design as per your choice:

Custom-made wardrobe can be designed the way you like it. You can make different arrangement as per your requirement or if you are renting the house it can be flexible for them too. So instead of going for a ready-made which sometimes not flexible as per your requirement most people opt for custom-made wardrobe. Also you can choose the custom-made wardrobe to be made as per your design, colors,materials to be used and more.

2) Add more value to your home:

Custom made wardrobe can also include more value to your home.As when you want to sell or rent your home, it will be considered as furnished home,so the sell value of your house increases when you consider the custom wardrobe. As often we see home with proper custom wardrobe, cabinet,etc  are more attractive to the buyers than those which do not have.

3) Maximize space:

If you require more storage space in your wardrobe than custom wardrobe are the best to choose for. It maximizes the space for your requirement and give enough space to keep your items the way you want it to be.


1) Expensive:

If your budget is too tight then going for custom wardrobe is not a good option because compared to ready-made wardrobe custom-made are expensive. So make sure you compare the price of ready-made wardrobe and custom-made. To calculate the price of custom-made you can consider the price of materials + total area of wardrobe* square feet charges per area from local carpenter.

But even though you will get a ready-made wardrobe outside at a cheaper price, it’s better to choose a wardrobe which will last longer than going for a cheaper one, because cheaper price comes with cheaper quality also.

Custom made wardrobe have always more pros than cons. So if your budget is in place and if you want a wardrobe which will last longer. We suggest you to go with custom-made than a ready-made which looks good to the eye and cheaper too but most of them do not last long and even it takes time to find the one which will fit your requirement and will look good to your house.

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