15 ways to renovate your bathroom


Even the most elegant bathroom looks fade after some time. So it’s required to renovate your bathroom. In many cases, it is possible to upgrade your bathroom to create a more relaxing and enjoyable space by adding a few more accessories. Choose something beyond the basics so that your bathroom is more than just a utilitarian room. Consider a few of the following upgrades tips that could help to give you that impressive look you are looking for.

  1. A fresh coat of paint instantly rejuvenates walls. Use colours such as Light Blue, Lavender, White has always been popular choices for bathroom.
  2. Update your bathroom accessories by investing in a new and matching bathroom set.
  3. Pick out basic white components for your must-have bath features. White sinks, tubs, and toilets all cost less than those in colours because manufacturers make and sell more of them.
  4. A new bath mat and towels are an excellent, budget-friendly way to reinvigorate the washroom.
  5. Another option for you to consider is investing in a heated towel rack. If you want to step out of the shower and grab a warm towel, this is a simple and affordable luxury.
  6. Hide unsightly cleaning products and accessories by hanging a convenient over-the-door carry-all on the inside of cabinet doors for extra storage.
  7. A new shower curtain and rings is an easy (and inexpensive) way to update your bathroom’s decor.
  8. Add artwork, like a photo of a beautiful beach taken on a recent vacation or a cheap black and white print, to liven up empty walls.
  9. Give your shower stall a fresh feeling by cleaning the tile with grout cleaner.
  10. Paint the bathroom ceilings a lighter colour than the walls. Consider pale blue, silvery green or buttery yellow to achieve an open and airy effect.
  11. Install tilted mirrors, which can be used by people of all heights.
  12. Scented candles will create a nice ambiance and provide a fresh scent.
  13. Switch to a low-litres-per-flush toilet that, over the course of a year, can save thousands of litres of water in your household.
  14. Choose a vanity that works for the style of bathroom you have, and gives you that sense of beauty when you put it into place.
  15. Organizing is one of the best ways to update your bathroom.Store items that might be hanging around on the back of the toilet or on the counter top like toilet paper rolls, hair brushes, etc.

Renovating your bathroom may looks costly but with these tips you can save lots of money.

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