Types and use of exhaust fans

Exhaust fans in home typically use air ducts to remove the stale indoor air and hence improving the living experience. Since today’s houses are mostly packed exhaust fans are a necessary piece of equipment for every home. Because unchanged air in homes gives rise to moisture, harmful bacteria and other pathogens which might result in health related problems. These fans are pretty much a standard edition in kitchens and are often installed in bathrooms as well. This article will help you to understand various type of exhaust fan and its use.

Ceiling Exhaust Fans30103729

These are installed in the ceiling and connected to the house ductwork, which lets air escape to the outside through an outlet on the roof.

Wall Exhaust FansExhaust fan

These are installed into the exterior walls of the house. Because these fans are installed outside, ductwork is not needed. The unwanted air is directly thrown outside the house through the fan on the exterior wall.

Kitchen Exhaust FansTS-86515852_modern-kitchen_s3x4_lg

These fans are installed directly above the kitchen stove and help remove moisture, smoke and bad odour from the kitchen.

Bathroom Exhaust FansThe_Toilet_exhaust_fan-Indian_Railways-India442

Unlike kitchen exhaust fans, bathroom fans are not for removing bad odour or smell from the room. These fans are required to remove moisture and steam from the bathroom. Since the residual moisture is the trigger point for molds and fungus, a bathroom exhaust fan should be installed in each bathroom in all homes.

All exhaust fans remove moist air and smoke from the home and bring in fresh air. The difference in the various types of exhaust fans is where they are installed Exhaust fans are extremely useful in the kitchen, where cooking often produces a lot of smoke. Also extremely useful for the bathrooms, if it don’t have windows to let out the steam produced from hot water or bad odour. One of the most important features of exhaust fans is that they can help prevent the growth of mould in your home, especially in your bathroom.

So the next time you are thinking whether exhaust fans are really required for your home,think twice.



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