Tips to save money on plumbing service


Most of the customers always ask us if they can do anything to save on their plumbing costs. This article gives some valuable tips how to save costs on plumbing issues. You can save on the service call time by taking a few easy steps and being prepared by following these plumbing tips.

Regular Maintenance

You can save enough money by doing some regular maintenance on your plumbing.  Doing a monthly inspection of your homes   plumbing – looking for drips, leaks, cracks, slow drains, water pressure and temperature problems and getting them fixed           when they are first noticed will prevent small problems from becoming large problems and save you a lot of money.

Make a List

Plumbers sometimes charge a set minimum fee for a service charge. So look around and make a list of other repairs you may need. Leaking faucet? Running toilet? You may be able to add in these small repairs and make the most of the service call. It will also be helpful to inform the plumber of any extra service they may be able to provide prior to their arrival so that they can have any necessary parts or tools they will need for the repairs. Being able to address all problems in one visit will save you on an additional service call.

Get Several Quotes

Like all professions, the cost of plumbing service charge may vary. Call around and get the best price. However, do not sacrifice on quality just to save a bit of money. Ask for credentials and references. If the high and low quotes are significantly different, do not be afraid to ask for more details. To avoid hidden unexpected costs ask for upfront pricing and ask about any possible extra costs that may not be included in the original quote. The low quote may be not experienced or you may sometimes have to compromise on quality while the higher cost may sometimes charge high because of their experience. So always choose one as per your plumbing problems.

Replace old or worn plumbing fixtures:

Sometimes the problem with a particular fixture is an easy fix such as replacing a washer or small part. But once a  fixture reaches a certain age and starts to have problems it may need to be  replaced or you will find that your calling for repairs a lot more often then you should. If any fixtures has to be replaced, ask the plumber if they can supply the fixtures. When replacing fixtures do not just buy the cheapest one you can find. Often in this case you get what you pay for. Cheaper appliances/fixtures will not have the durability or lifespan of higher quality plumbing appliances/fixtures and hence need to be repaired often or replaced sooner and costing you more than paying a little more for a higher quality fixture

Ask for a guarantee

A reputable plumber will guarantee their work.If there is a problem, follow the guarantee procedure and make sure it gets fixed. A low bid is no bargain if the plumber will not stand behind their work.

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