How to find the perfect window air conditioner?

BY AC unit inside window

The biggest difference between portable and window air conditioner is that window air conditioners are installed and secured in window frames and are meant to be kept there for the entire season. They are stationary units but can be removed from windows at any time to be stored after the season. Window air conditioners draw in air from outside and cool it before releasing it into the room. This process cools down areas quickly and quietly. Some air conditioning units also clean and purify the air in your home by reducing allergens and dust. Whilst your entire home can’t be completely cooled by only using a single unit, installing one in each room where you tend to hang out the most will help to make summer a far more enjoyable time of year. Here are some important tips to help you pick the best air conditioning unit

Determine the required air conditioner size:

Determine the cooling capacity needed for the room or your home. Cooling capacity for room air conditioners and central air conditioning systems is measured in kilowatts. As a rule of thumb, 1 square meter of living space can be cooled adequately by 0.125 kW of energy. Multiply this figure by the actual size (in square meters) of the areas to be cooled, and you will arrive at the required air conditioner capacity. For example take a room measuring 5 meters in length and 10 meters in breadth. Its overall area is 50 square meters, so it needs a minimum air conditioner capacity of 50 x 0.125 for efficient cooling, so you need a 6 KW air conditioner for your room. Most window air conditioner comes in the size of 5 KW to 15 KW,for larger air conditioner it’s used in larger homes and for air conditioner less than 5 KW it’s used in smaller rooms or apartment. However, the rooms size isn’t the only important thing to remember. It is also important to consider what the climate and weather is like in the area and how well-shaded the room is from sunlight. For example a room that faces west, for example, will heat up quicker than one that faced south, and will, therefore, require a larger window air conditioner.

What Features do you need?

First of all, always check how loud it might be by looking at the decibel rating. An air conditioner unit that’s mounted on a wall or in a window will be heard running. You also need to make sure that the filters can be removed easily, making cleaning a more simple process. Other features to consider are timers to allow you to turn on and off, remote control to operate it, temperature controls.

The energy star:

Energy efficiency is your next shopping consideration. It’s also the easiest. Most of the branded air conditioner lists the energy rating right on the unit. Referred to as the Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER), this figure is the cooling capacity divided by the electrical power required to run the unit. The higher the number, the better.

How is it installed?

Before buying window air conditioner make sure it will fit properly and the window should return to normal after you remove it. Also, always ensure that it can fit within the sort of window you have in your home, as certain styles aren’t suitable. If this is the case, you may have to fix them onto the wall using brackets.

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