Tips to choosing bathroom tiles


One of the biggest decisions during a bathroom renovation or for new bathroom is tile selection. With so many varieties available in the market, it is easy to become overwhelmed by the choice on offer. The proper choice of tile will determine your bathroom’s look, the ease of cleaning and maintenance, and your project budget.

Types of tiles:

Ceramic tiles are the most popular by a long way. They’re durable, their glazed surface makes them highly resistant to harbouring germs, they’re usually very easy to keep clean, and come in styles to suit every taste. Natural stone tiles like granite, slate, marble and even terrazzo are beautiful, distinctive, and luxurious. The cost is also higher compared to other tiles and these materials tend to be porous, so you may need to apply a seal to stop the tiles absorbing water. Make sure you discuss this with the supplier before you buy.

Consider colourful bathroom tiles:

White is by far the most popular colour choice for bathroom tiles. These tiles are fresh-looking, classic, and reflect light to give the illusion of a more spacious, lighter room. Colourful or patterned tiles can be used to add detail here and there, or make a bold statement when used to cover the entire wall. They tend to look best contrasted with simpler bathroom fixtures. Your bathroom will look more spacious by using the same colour wall tiles as the floor tiles.

Size of the tiles:

The more compact the bathroom the smaller the tiles should be, especially if there’s not much space between your sink, toilet, and tub. Smaller tiles will also require less cutting to fit around objects and make for a more flowing feel. If you’re lucky enough to have a big bathroom, large tiles give a sleek look with less exposed grouting in between. But consequently many people choose medium-sized tiles which are a common choice for large and small bathrooms today.

Renovation Budget

Tile ranges from inexpensive simple ceramic tiles to very expensive exotic stone tiles. Take careful measurements of your space, and determine how much tile you need. Another option is to use a more common tile for most of the space, and trim it out in the fancy tile. Again you need to consider the budget and type of tiles you require for your bathroom before starting the project.

Unlike the other rooms at home, bathroom tiles should be approached from a more functional direction.

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