These colors reflect your personality.Check out your favorite color and see if it accurately describes you.Mine is Black.



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Worst colours to paint your house


Paint is one of the most versatile aspects of interior home decoration. A simple change of colour in your home can change your whole outlook on life. Colour research tells us some colours to avoid. Colours that can be considered, as some researchers note, “eye irritants” and can even cause headaches or mess with your vision. That’s why most homeowners wants to paint their home a new look by giving it a new coat of paint. Colour has always plays a huge influence on the human psyche. Colours can make us happy or sad. They can make us feel cold or warm. They can determine if we want to eat a big meal, or lose our appetite entirely.

Because of this, you have to think carefully before you paint. This article will tell which are the worst colours for your home that you should avoid or use only in specific rooms while painting your house.

Yellow and Red:

Studies have shown that the colours red and yellow can make you feel hungry. That’s why most fast food chain use colour red and yellow to make you eat more. These colours are best suited for your kitchen or dining room. Yellow and red is the first colour the human eye tends to notice so in small doses it may be effective.

Neon Colours:

Neon colours can be so bright that they hurt your eyes. Sometimes very bright neon colours can quickly fade – and not evenly. All your hard work picking out the colour and then painting it could all end up in a waste of time and money. Finally, light colours like pink, green or yellow can easily show dirt and stains, making your house appear dull.

Bright White

A bright, pure white paint colour can be too harsh in the sunlight. Think about how you have to wear sunglasses when you are skiing to protect yourself from the sunlight bouncing off of the snow. A better solution would be an off-white or beige. Those colours give you the appearance of white, but are softer and a little easier on the eyes.


Studies have found that pink can give people feelings of comfort and warmth. If you really love that colour, you should save it for your little girl’s bedroom and not the outside of your home.As little girls like pink colours most.


Orange can be a very stimulating colour. It might be great in small doses inside your home, but it’s not a good idea for the exterior of your home. However, the good news is that orange can make a fun accent colour for the exterior of your home.

Dark Red

The colour red can conjure feelings of passion and excitement. That might be a little more than you want out of the front of a home. If you are looking to use a true red, you might want to use it in a bedroom or even a romantic bathroom. For the outside of your home, however, go for a more muted shade of red. Brick red houses can be very beautiful. If you must use a bright red outside of your home, maybe buy a bright red door, or paint some red roses instead.

When thinking about the best and worst colour choices for each room, you should think about what effect you are trying to create with colour. Trust your instinct and if you like a colour, put it up and enjoy it. Changing the colours of your home isn’t very expensive or time-consuming and can easily be changed if you want to sell up.

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How to hire a reliable house painter ?

Paintbrush and Wet Green Paint

Your time is valuable. Why not hire a professional painter for your next project?

For simple painting project you can do it yourself. But using a professional painting contractor takes the stress out of painting your home when it comes to painting both interior and exterior of the house. But finding the right one by considering costs, efficiency and quality of work is an important decision that requires careful consideration. Finding a quality and reliable carpenters is a step by step process.

Use the following tips to hire the right professional for any painting project:

  • Determine what you need:

Before you search for a professional house painter, you need to decide few things for example what kind of paint, interior walls or exterior walls, one coat paint or double coat, square feet of the area where paint need to be done, what surface need to be painted.When you explain clearly to the painter what you need it will help him to give you an estimated quote.

  • Get estimates:

Always get estimated quotes from at least 2-3 painters. Getting multiple quotes will help you to choose the right painter within your budget.Most of the time estimated quote should fall roughly within the same price range.

  • Check for credentials:

Do not just select a painter based on only price. Find out about their ratings and reviews from their previous customers,years of experience they have, work ethics, license to operate, check their reference. Because without all these details matters a lot whether a painter will do quality work or not.

  • Agreement:

Make sure you either sign a contract or communicate properly with the painter before painting work starts about who is responsible for clean and removal of paints from all surfaces, who will select the paint brand, buying of materials, days it will take to finish the painting work and other details.

Finding a skilled, reliable painter can seem like an overwhelming task at first. The key is taking it one step at a time and using common sense. Since a painter’s work can add considerable value to your home, it’s worth investing time and thought to find the best in the business.

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What are the benefits of painting your house often?


Over time, painting can seem to lose its charm or become harder to effectively clean. Painted patches on walls and scratches may not blend well with wall paint that has been exposed to rain, sunlight for a long time, and general wear and tear can cause paint to looks tired. Regularly painting interior and exterior walls and ceilings can keep them looking fresh and clean, and provide a smooth surface that is easier to wash and maintain. Also painting both interior and exterior walls have number of benefits that directly impact look of the home.

Following are some of the benefits painting your home often:

1)    House painting and other surfaces will increase the value of your home. Because nothing brightens up a home like clean walls, trim, and ceilings,also painting interior wall, trim and other surfaces will promote healthy indoor quality for your family by reducing odours.

2)    House painting gives you an opportunity to try out different colour for your home. Painting your house can create a chance to tell a new story.As with new painting it hides permanent marks or stains that is difficult to remove otherwise.

3)    Painting both interior and exterior walls protect them from inclement weather such as rains, normal wear and tear,water,etc.Which will look fresh and last longer. Also protect your home from dust, dirt away. Whole house painting allows for a change to treat stains with primer and ensure they will be blocked completely.

4)    Also paint can bring positive energy to your home, can change your outlook with each different colour of the paint. For example for living room use colour such as Red, Orange,Light green, and Black or you can try out combination of colour to bring in the positive energy to your home. To know about which colour is suitable for your home read our blog here https://taskican.wordpress.com/2013/10/12/which-colour-to-choose-for-your-home/

Not only the kind of paint or colour of the paint that you choose for your home is important but also the tools and technique you use to paint your house exterior and interior walls.

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Which colour to choose for your home?

Have you ever walked into a room and feel energized because of the colour of the room? Colour of your room can affect your energy level, mood.Because each colour has its own energy. Colour can instantly energize us, calm us and clear our thoughts too. Use softer colours for relaxing room and use brighter or warm colour for rooms where lots of activity happens.

So before choosing colour for your walls next time, spend some extra time thinking about what colour you want for each room, think about for what purpose you are going to use a particular room. Apart from improving mood,colour can also make the room looks bigger or smaller.

Below are some of the different colour schemes that you can use in your home.

Living room:simple-living-room-interior-design

As living room supposed to sit around and talk so use colours such as Red, Oranges, Light Green, Black.Black encourages people to sit around and talk. While red brings bold, powerful, confidence,Orange colour  is a happy, optimistic colour which evokes fun. While light green brings harmonious, good vibe. Black evokes potential and possibility.


If you love to spend lots of time in the kitchen, it makes sense to use colours such as RedGreen-Kitchen-2013-4, Yellow, Bright Green, White. Red colour prompt you to eat more, feel energetic. While yellow evokes the feelings of nourishment and comfort make it perfect for kitchen. At the same time bright green perfect for kitchen which is refreshing and all about renewal. While white colour’s simplicity encourages you to clear cutter                                                         or obstacles and think about new beginnings.

Dining room:red-white-dining-room-modern-light-fixture

Use colour such as Orange which is an optimistic colour, orange colour will evoke fun and whimsy. Black colour which will evoke potential and possibility. Its modern and sophisticated vibe is best used for dining room. Red colour is also best for dining room as it’s stimulates and in addition to encouraging conversation, it whets the appetites.

Bed room:blue-bedroom-colors

The bedroom is where you go to relax. Use cool colours such as Light Blue, Bright Blue,Green,Lavender,Red.These colours are best suit for bed room as these colours represents energetic,tranquil,soothing atmosphere, coolness,  spaciousness and reassurance,calming energy,


Light Blue, Lavender, White, has always been popular choices for bathroom. Because these colours connote soothing, coolness, cleanliness.But now day’s bathroom is not just place for wash up but also place for relaxation and rejuvenation. So most people also use colours such as light green, bright blue because these colours create tranquil, soothing atmosphere, high energy.

Home office:Gray-white-home-office-green-accent-wood-floor-modern-white-furniture

If you are looking for productivity at your office use colour Bright Green, as it represents concentration, refreshing, renewal. Also you can use colours such as Gray which represents responsibility, professionalism and wisdom. Home office mean for more productivity so the faster your will complete the work the more time you will get to enjoy with your family. So you can consider these 2 colours for your home office.

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How to measure square footage?

simple floorplanKnowing how to measure square footage will help you in getting accurate quote from carpenter, real estate rental,interior designer,etc.To know any area’s square footage you need to calculate the width and breadth  of each area in the house and add them together.

Measure the length and width of the space:

Using the ruler or measuring tape find the length and width of different area in the house. Break each room or space into different part if you are facing difficulties in measuring it.

Multiply the length and width of each space:

To arrive at the square footage of the area ,just multiply the length and width of the area. For example if length of space A is 10 feet and width of space A is 30 feet, then total square footage of space A is 10*30=300 square feet

Add the square footage of all space in the house:

Once you are done with measuring all the spaces in the house, it’s time to add all the square footage of the spaces to arrive at the total square footage of the house. For example if space A is 300 square feet, Space B is 400 square feet and Space C is 500 square feet. Then total square feet of the house is 300+400+500=1200 square feet.

Below are some of the tips from wikihow.com to find the square footage:

Find the approximation of square footage. If you’re looking for an approximation of square footage, you can also try measuring the outside of your home and then subtracting any areas that won’t be factored in to the square footage, such as the porch stairs or garage.

Find the square footage of a space that’s shaped like a half-circle. If there’s a part of your house that’s shaped like a half of a circle, you can find the square footage of the circle by finding the area of the space as if it were a full circle and then dividing it by half. To do this, simply measure the long line that cuts the “circle” in half to get the diameter.

Then, divide it by 2 to get the radius, and then plug that into the equation A = πr^2 where r is the radius, and divide by 2 to get the area, or square footage, of the half circle.

Find the square footage of a space that’s almost regularly shaped. If you’re measuring a space that is almost fully a square or a rectangle, with only a small square or rectangular part missing, then measure the square footage of the entire space as if the missing part was filled in. Then, find the square footage of the missing part and subtract it from the overall square footage to find the square footage of the space. This will save you time.


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What to do before painting a wall?

Preparing a room before you start painting is the most important step before you even start painting. The actual painting of the walls takes less time and is not as important as the prep of walls for paint Also for a large paint job hiring the professional painter is a good option.

 Clear out the room:

The first step to prepare your walls to before painting is to clear out all movable furniture such as sofas, TV, etc.cover the large furniture’s with clothes to protect against splatter of paint. Removing these furniture’s will help you to paint your walls easier.

Clean the room and repair the wall:

Remove any dust from the floor and make sure repair any holes,peeling,cracks, on the wall before starting painting the wall.fill any nail holes,dents and allow it to dry for 2-4 hours and then second coat if required.also clean the wall that need to be painted and the surfaces of kitchen and bathrooms.

Taping and Masking:

Once your walls are clean, the next step to prepare walls before painting is to mask off any areas you don’t want painted.Mask light switches,windows,wood trim and other areas you are not painting. It is better to mask the room completely before painting as opposed to just doing one wall, then the next. Leave the masking tape on the walls after you have painted, and wait for the paint to dry before removing it.

Paint priming:

If you are merely refreshing your paint with the same color and type of paint, you do not need to apply a primer to the whole surface. If you have made small repairs, just spot prime the repairs before painting.

However, if you have made large repairs, it has been a long time since your last paint job, you are switching colors or type of paint or are painting bare surfaces, such as drywall, your paint job will turn out much better by applying a paint primer before painting.Paint primers mainly will help you ave money on paint including it even out repairs and defects if any.

Once you have followed the five steps to prepare your walls before painting, you are ready to paint! Although prepping your walls for paint can seem like a lot of work, the end result of a great paint job is worth the effort.

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