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How to install kitchen cabinet?


Whether you are renovating or installing new cabinets in a kitchen, your kitchen cabinets will put up with extensive use and even abuse, so make sure they remain strong and beautiful in your kitchen. Before choosing a cabinet pre plan whether you want to go with custom made or ready made kitchen cabinets, choose a style, project timeline and a reliable carpenter service provider to make sure nothing goes wrong after installing the cabinets. That is why approach when purchasing or building new kitchen cabinets should be the same as purchasing a new home. If your old cabinets are showing signs of age, the new cabinets you install can instantly give your kitchen an updated look and feel.

1. Choose a style

Custom cabinets have the advantage over readymade cabinets of being created by skilled carpenter, made out of high quality materials that will last for years. With custom cabinets, you can design exactly as per your kitchen space and requirement. If you have little space, design your cabinets to maximize the space you do have. While readymade cabinet is cheaper but it might not have cabinets designed precisely for your kitchen. Don’t forget, with stock cabinetry, you will need to pay close attention to materials to guarantee that your cabinets are of the highest quality possible.

2. Design

It’s helpful to have a design specialist analyze your kitchen to provide recommendations for your kitchen cabinetry. This can be an excellent learning exercise to help you gain knowledge about what is available and possible in your new cabinets. Spend time talking about how you use the kitchen to help the expert know your needs, which will help with recommendations.

3. Drawers

The most common kitchen cabinet component to fail is drawers. Weak drawer glides that may fail over time, or drawers constructed of particle board are typical culprits. With regular drawer glides the drawer does not fully open. This means a significant part of the drawer is inaccessible. Items in the back are difficult, if not impossible to find or take out easily.So make sure you consider the design of the drawer which you can utilize to its full potential.

4. Project timeline

If your cabinetry installation involves readymade cabinets expect the project to take about 24 man-hours from start to finish. If you choose custom cabinetry with specialty pieces and unusual hardware, the project will take about 1 week to 3 weeks time depends on the size and the design you require.

5. Cost to install kitchen cabinets

Several factors such as your geographic location, number of doors, drawers, etc will influence the overall cost of installing kitchen cabinets in your home. On the other end of the spectrum, custom cabinetry that involves distinctive or unusual hardware and features, the installation may cost you as much as Rs 150 per square feet to Rs 500 per square feet without any materials.

Kitchens these days can be customized and made to suit the lifestyle and taste as per your requirement.You are no longer forced to go with the trend as you can have fun creating your own kitchen cabinets that will last for lifetime.

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Choose the perfect coffee table


A coffee table isn’t just a place to keep newspapers and remote controls. Instead, it forms the very heart of your living room. It defines the ambiance of the room and lends a definitive character to it. Coffee tables serve several purposes from completing a special look to your living room, to storage and display. But the question is which style will fit your living room? Should you go for a wood one with chunky legs, metallic with a glass on the top, should it be round or rectangular or any other shape? An ideal coffee table must strike a balance between functionality and aesthetics. At the same time, it must complement the general decor of the living room and blend in with other elements.

Below are some tips that will help you to choose the perfect coffee table for your living room.

1) Budget:

Decide how much you want to spend for a coffee table,because the price range of a coffee table can be from ultra expensive to budget friendly. Your budget could be based on types of materials such as hardwood, metal, glass and size, shape and design of the table.

2) Size and distance:

Size and distance of a coffee table matters most while deciding a coffee table for your living room. A regular coffee table height is usually between 16 to 18 inches. This should put the table at about the same height as the top of the sofa seat and chair cushions. It should be not lower than 1-2 inches from the seat of the sofa. The ideal distance of a coffee table should be close enough so that you could reach out to put your drink, magazine from all angles. Also keep in mind that you leave some space for passerby, to reach out to TV stand.

3) Shape:

While the shape of the room can play a role in choosing a coffee table, pay attention to your seating configuration more than anything else. If you have children at home a round or oval size coffee table is a smarter choice as it is safer for children if one falls or bumps into it. Also its useful for large gatherings. A rectangular share coffee table will allow some space between the TV and the coffee table to walk past.Rectaunglar or oval size coffee table is ideal for a smaller room.

4) Style and material:

Once you have zeroed in on a perfect size, focus on the material and style of the coffee table. Always your sofa and coffee table should strike a balance.Formal, informal,modern or vintage these are all styles to be considered when purchasing a coffee table. Coffee tables can be made using wood, chrome, plastic, glass, bamboo metal, and wood veneers. If you are looking for something stable and affordable, wood veneer would be an ideal choice. While wood brings warmth to a space, its heavy in nature so choose a narrow table which will not look bulky. You can try a metal coffee table if you have too much woods furniture in living room, so choose a glass table with a metal base cane be a nice complement.

The level of functionality your coffee table offers depends on how you want to use it. While most coffee tables have a flat surface supported on a base, there are plenty that offer additional features.

How to fix French door at your home?


French doors are usually double doors with glass panes inside of them. It is an investment that is well worth the work of refinishing. Also these are good selling point in real estate transactions. They’re often seen as an alternative to sliding glass doors,instead of one large pane of sliding glass.Installing French doors enhances the beauty of the house, while letting in abundant sunlight. Repairing French doors probably takes twice as much time as repairs to single door.

So, when your French door needs fixing, it’s no small matter. Below are few tips how to repair your French doors on your own or what to expect from a professional carpenter who will repair the French door:


Closely examine the french doors in order to determine where the problem exists.
There are lots of reasons a door might need repair.There are 3 possible areas to check for any problems in french door.If you are having problems getting your doors to close correctly, you may need a new latch. If you are having problems opening and closing the doors its hinges could be rusted or in need of lubrication. Perhaps that your door or door frame is rotting or warped and needs to be replaced.


Once you find out what causes the door is not closing you have to figure out whether you can fix it yourself or if you could need a professional carpenter based on the complexity of the problem and how comfortable you are making repairs. If your problem is relatively simple, you can look online for step-by-step guides to repair yourself. If you think the repair required a professional help then find a professional to do the job for you at


If you’re doing the work yourself, you may purchase door parts at a local store If you have hired someone to fix your French doors, discuss how much the materials will cost. Make sure the carpenter provides you with a written cost estimate so that you won’t get cheated when you will see the bills.


Once your door is fixed, make sure to take care of it. Don’t slam your door. Keep the glass panes clean. Oil your door hinges as needed. Make sure you follow manufacturer instructions.

French doors are a great asset to your home, but, like anything in your home, they can fall into disrepair. Follow these tips to take care of it and to enhance your house and beauty of the house with French door.

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Pros and Cons of Custom made wardrobe


When it comes wardrobe almost all of us think whether to go for custom-made wardrobe or ready-made that is cheaply available in the market. So what are the pros and cons of custom wardrobe vs ready-made wardrobe? Which one to go for? Which is cheaper? Which will last longer? You will get answer to all these when you finish reading this blog about pros and cons of custom-made wardrobe.


1) Design as per your choice:

Custom-made wardrobe can be designed the way you like it. You can make different arrangement as per your requirement or if you are renting the house it can be flexible for them too. So instead of going for a ready-made which sometimes not flexible as per your requirement most people opt for custom-made wardrobe. Also you can choose the custom-made wardrobe to be made as per your design, colors,materials to be used and more.

2) Add more value to your home:

Custom made wardrobe can also include more value to your home.As when you want to sell or rent your home, it will be considered as furnished home,so the sell value of your house increases when you consider the custom wardrobe. As often we see home with proper custom wardrobe, cabinet,etc  are more attractive to the buyers than those which do not have.

3) Maximize space:

If you require more storage space in your wardrobe than custom wardrobe are the best to choose for. It maximizes the space for your requirement and give enough space to keep your items the way you want it to be.


1) Expensive:

If your budget is too tight then going for custom wardrobe is not a good option because compared to ready-made wardrobe custom-made are expensive. So make sure you compare the price of ready-made wardrobe and custom-made. To calculate the price of custom-made you can consider the price of materials + total area of wardrobe* square feet charges per area from local carpenter.

But even though you will get a ready-made wardrobe outside at a cheaper price, it’s better to choose a wardrobe which will last longer than going for a cheaper one, because cheaper price comes with cheaper quality also.

Custom made wardrobe have always more pros than cons. So if your budget is in place and if you want a wardrobe which will last longer. We suggest you to go with custom-made than a ready-made which looks good to the eye and cheaper too but most of them do not last long and even it takes time to find the one which will fit your requirement and will look good to your house.

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Why your door won’t close?


Doors goes through never ending cycle of being pulled and pushed many a times every day.which causes it to strains,swelling of door frame,loose hinges,etc.Lets look in the detail why a door won’t close and find out what exactly what causes it.

 1) Hinge issues:


Hinges at the side of the door are the common problem because of which door wont close. If your door is scraping against the floor and tilting on one side, chances are a loose hinge is responsible for that. Loose hinges can be tightened with a screwdriver. Loose screws may have to be removed and replaced. In some cases, the entire hinge may have to be replaced and new holes will have to be drilled into the frame. If you cannot do it yourself then better to call a professional carpenter to fix this issue.

 2) Swollen Wood

Change in the weather or water spillig to the door can also cause door not closing properly. Your wooden door may shrink or swell because of changing weather conditions, especially if it’s old or unprotected. The swollen wood may be a part of the door or the door frame; either way, your door won’t close properly. If you live in an area that experiences a lot of humidity or moisture, the wood of the door can absorb the water and expand.

If a door is kept closed and there is not space for the wood to expand, the wood may develop warps and twists, or even cracks. Not only is this an eyesore, but it also prevents your door from closing in the future.

3) Check overall fit of the door:

If you have check everything in the door and still able to find what cause the door not closing then look at the top and bottom of the door.the top and bottom may not be entirely level properly. Using sandpaper or a handheld planing tool, you can carefully pare down the offending edge and square it with the rest of the door. Be careful to test the fit often or you’ll end up with a door too small for its frame.

4)Door Frame DoorFrame-Steel_SDI

Also because of the growth of mildew, mold and development of rust at the door and cracking, splitting of the wood can cause the door wont close.

If you have checked everything and still not able to find what causes the door is not closing properly. Then consider installing new door. So at this moment hiring a professional carpenter is the best option.

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